led linear tracklights

September 17, 2020

Track lighting systems are flexible lighting systems which can be utilized to power pendant lights, floodlights, spotlights and other types of fixtures with the right voltage and adapter. Clearly defined by their conductors, tracks are often used on walls and ceilings in places that demands adjustability and performance. Here is new designed led linear tracklights, […]

With the continuous development of LED lighting industry and the intensification of competition, lighting project has put more stringent requirement on led product, especially the supermarket lighting project. How led linear light benefit you in supermarket lighting? My answer as below: 1.Extremely high efficiency up to 160lm/w The chip we used is dual chip, with […]

Just about any plant with the right lighting and in the right environment can be grown indoors, but it turns out that determining ideal conditions for growth is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Today, it is pretty well established that different plant species have different needs and requirements, and this happens to be especially true in […]

LED Linear Strip Light

September 1, 2020

The LED linear strip lights works by assembling the LED light on the board because it is shaped like a strip. LED linear strip light are characterized by long life and energy savings and can be used indoors or outdoors. The role of LED lights LED linear strip light can be widely used in hotels, […]

After more than ten years, the lighting industry has been rising and falling, people are paying more and more attention to the lighting industry, and the quality of life has also improved. They have put forward new high requirements for the quality of the living environment. With the continuous expansion of China’s LED lighting industry […]

Recently we received a warehouse case from our client. The owner of the warehouse prefer a smart solution compared to the tradition LED high bay light. At the same time,the solution need to meet below requirements: 1.Save energy and smart group control, the system must have easy access to adjust luminaires power on/off quantity and […]

New product:D line,track panel light,which is very popular in some big supermarket. Similar to Trilux product. It’s similar with LED Linear light,but more flexible as it can be installed at any position on the standard track rail and combined with track spotlight. We are always working to be the top expert for supermarket light solution.

Today I would like to introduce you a new product which can work on exist track rail. Here is a picture to show you how the product works. I also attached some pictures of the products. Different from our S line LED linear light which is mainly for projects,this T line track linear light is […]

Fusionbirte released Modular series LED linear light. With over 11200LM light output, this series of led linear light is designed to replace 2x58W or 2x36W T8 fluorescent fixtures. Various lights can be connected seamlessly to over 100m continuously. By adopting PMMA optical lens, various beam angles are available. It’s 100% anti-glare and there’s very even […]

LED grow lights have been a very hot topic for more than a decade now and as with any (relatively) new technology, the first decade of LED grow lights has seen massive changes and improvements. From the amount of companies selling LED grow lights to the technology powering what they are selling, we have all […]