Congratulations to our company on becoming a member of DALI Alliance (DiiA) Associate Members DALI: The standard for smart lighting control in the IOT era The DALI Alliance is the global industry organization for DALI, the internationally-standardized protocol for digital communication between lighting-control devices. DALI is the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. Building on the long-established […]

Track linear light with two tiltable wings and central linear light,idea for general light for the shelves and aisles in supermarkets and retail stores. It’s compatible with most brand of track rails such as Global,Eutrac,Ivela,powergear etc.  

led track linear light for retail shop 160 lumens per watt linear track light, compatible with common market standard track 4 wires/3-phases(Such as:Global, Eutrac, Staff, Levla, Unipro… ) Look below picture,It’s used in stores,seamless connection or with track spots at any distance.Look very good!  

Professional supermarket lights-Led linear light Supermarket Chain in Germany: The luminaire(linear light) is 4.0 meters away from the ground, using a 35W 90 degree lens and Fake lampshade, with an average illumination of 650lux.

After more than ten years, the lighting industry has been rising and falling, people are paying more and more attention to the lighting industry, and the quality of life has also improved. They have put forward new high requirements for the quality of the living environment. With the continuous expansion of China’s LED lighting industry […]

Recently we received a warehouse case from our client. The owner of the warehouse prefer a smart solution compared to the tradition LED high bay light. At the same time,the solution need to meet below requirements: 1.Save energy and smart group control, the system must have easy access to adjust luminaires power on/off quantity and […]

Mapping an experience Retailers employ different tactics at each stage of a customer’s journey. This journey starts with outdoor window displays to attract foot traffic that bring customers to strategic displays inside. Call it directional lighting. It’s a carefully detailed map of lighter and darker, sometimes multicolored areas that deliberately lead customers to more desired […]