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The color of light influences our perception. It even has an effect on our bodies – something that keeps the chromotherapists busy. That’s why so much attention is paid to finding the right color temperature for the lighting in shops. When we talk about color temperature, we are talking about the various shades of white […]

What is the best grow light spectrum? The most significant findings from the experiment are: The Red/Blue and  Fusionbrite(3500K) spectrum are best for balancing yield and short stem length. Green light and Red light are closely matched for photosynthetic efficiency (within 5%) You need at least 12% Blue light to prevent stretching.

What is full spectrum grow lights? A full spectrum grow light covers all the light spectra that a plant needs for growth. The lights can cover the absorption spectrum and control the ratio of wavelengths in the action spectrum. The rays produced are all the light that your plant needs to flourish.

For people who want to grow their plants efficiently and make the most of their yield, using an LED grow light is essential. But, even if they make farming more enjoyable, if used the wrong way, grow lights can be harmful to your plants. If you’ve been using products made from cannabis, you may be […]

What Are Track Lights?

April 7, 2021

What Are Track Lights? When speaking of track lighting we refer to the kind of lighting that consists of a series of light fixtures placed on a ceiling-mounted structure, which is usually made of metal. This lighting system, which is highly practical and also pleasing to the eye, consists of a ceiling-mounted track made of […]

What is the LED linear lighting system? All-in-one system including light source ( Luminaire ), Driver, Track Rail, Cables, Housing and Function,easy install and control. Let me show you what’s in the LED linear light system,please see the below picture: Track Rail: including 5/8/12 wires cables,support triple circuit,one row support 3 switches. 5-core: L1,L2,L3,N,PE 8-core: […]