For people who want to grow their plants efficiently and make the most of their yield, using an LED grow light is essential. But, even if they make farming more enjoyable, if used the wrong way, grow lights can be harmful to your plants.

If you’ve been using products made from cannabis, you may be tempted to grow the plant in your home. The benefits of doing this are obvious; you avoid the hassle of purchasing the products and you minimize costs for the purchase of medical cannabis.

Many people worldwide have resorted to growing the plant at home. but, for a big number, there has been disappointments associated. Such issues affect growers of other plants too and could be attributed mostly to improper lighting.

If you’re a beginner, here are mistakes you should avoid when using LED grow lights.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using LED Grow Lights

Plant Overheating

The best way to tell if your plants are overheating is to look at the color of the leaves. If they start to look brown, you know your plants are overheating. They will first start to form thin outlines around the leaves or they’ll start curling up. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring your planting area is well ventilated.

Insufficient Lighting

Before you start growing anything, you have to find out the surface area of your growing space. This will help you figure out how many plants you can grow within the area and also how many LED grow lights you will need to give them sufficient lighting.

Improper Distancing of Lamps

There isn’t a rule cast in stone for the distance you should keep between your plants and the lights. However, proper distancing will make the difference between overheating your plants or providing them with just the right amount of lighting. However, to be on the safer side, try giving your grow lights and plants a 12-18 inch berth.

Low Quality Grow Lights
When it comes to growing plants, light is the most essential factor you should consider. This is because plants need lighting in order to photosynthesize. The grow lights you’re using should be full-spectrum LED grow lights. They will allow your plants to get the spectrum they need as they are built for this need.

Additionally, different kinds of light are needed for the growth stages o a plant. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re not using the wrong setting for the grow lights at each different season. If you use opposite spectrums during the growth of the plant, you are likely to prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Incorrect Light Schedule

Plants all have different light schedules so you should prepare to be well conversant. Forgetting to turn on the lights or turning them off too soon could have a negative impact on the growth of your plants.

Additionally, as the plants grow bigger, you have to adjust the lights. Ensure that your lights don’t burn your growing plants by adjusting the height as the plants grow taller.

Bad Use and Lack of Maintenance of the LED Lights

When you purchase an LED grow light, remember that you’re making a long-term investment. Therefore, you have to ensure that they’re well taken care of and maintained.

Try to equalize the voltage of the lights by using a power stabilizer. Your LED grow lights will end up lasting you longer if the chip inside is protected. Additionally, you should ensure that you use your LED grow lights for plants only. Using them for other kinds of lighting will damage them much faster.