Choosing the Right LED Grow Lights
If you do not choose the correct LED grow lights for your agricultural operation, your crops may suffer. When you use lighting that fulfills your plants needs you can have a much greater yield. At FusionBrite Agriculture, we have many varieties of LED lights. Below we’ve rounded up our best tips for selecting growth promoting lights.

What should I consider before purchasing my LED grow lights?
The most important factor to consider is which grow lights work best for the specific plants you will be growing in your operation. Houseplants, flowers, cannabis, fruits and veggies – all have different, specific lighting requirements for optimal growth, and some types of LED lights produce light spectrums specifically tuned for certain plants.

The second aspect that you will need to consider is the exact size of your growing space. This will help you to determine the size and number of lights that you need.

Here are some more important factors to consider when deciding what type of LED grow lights you will need: if you are growing your plants from a seedling to a flower bloom, you may want to consider a full-cycle light. Some of the most popular LED grow lights today are programmable. With these you can set a schedule, as well as control the lighting spectrum and intensity to meet your plants’ individual needs.

How to Pick the Best LED Grow Lights

What are the primary benefits of LED wholesale grow lights and how do they compare with others on the market?
LED lights are a great choice for stimulating indoor plant growth because they are extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable. If you are looking to use less energy at an even lower cost LED lights are a great choice for your growing operation.

HPS grow lights vs LED
HPS (high pressure sodium) lights are preferred by some indoor growers because they emit a wide color temperature spectrum. HPS lights can grow most any flowering plant well and are especially effective during the flowering stage of your plants’ growth cycle. However, HPS lights produce a lot of heat and are less energy efficient than LED lighting options.

Should you consider MH grow lights over LED?
MH (metal halide) lights are one of the best options available for growing healthy greens, but if you are growing flowering plants, it’s important to note that MH lights often fall short in production of red-spectrum light, which is crucial for flowering plants. So if copious and healthy blooms are what you need from your plants, LED lighting might be the best way to go for your growing operation.

Commercial Grow Lighting Recommendations from FusionBrite Agriculture
The results are in: Quantum board LED Plant Light with Samsung LM301B/LM301H Diodes,Epistar660nm Red & MeanWell Driver supporting Dimmable Products are already receiving high praise from cultivators and indoor farmers.LED lights like these produce less heat, so they are efficient as well as cost effective.

If you are looking for high-quality wholesale LED grow light options for your growing operation, you’ve come to the right place. Here at FusionBrite agriculture, we have a wide selection of lighting products available to meet all of your plants’ individual lighting needs.