Track lighting systems are flexible lighting systems which can be utilized to power pendant lights, floodlights, spotlights and other types of fixtures with the right voltage and adapter. Clearly defined by their conductors, tracks are often used on walls and ceilings in places that demands adjustability and performance.

Here is new designed led linear tracklights, Extra-slim linear tracklights, linkable with each other to cover longer lines. Heat sink and structure made of aluminium, white or black coated.

led linear tracklights

Benefits of LED Track Light Systems
Because of its stylish, flexible and versatile characteristics, LED track lighting is one of the most popular lighting solutions for contemporary illumination projects.
Today, LED track lights can be used in residential, industrial and commercial lighting projects. Track lighting is usually characterised by a track length holding several LED track light bulbs. It is a very versatile kind of lightning, which can be adjusted, curved, and cut on a fly to satisfy all your illumination needs.

One of the primary benefits of LED track lights is the fact that the power is supplied across wires running inside the track. This means that each LED track light does not need its own power source and this makes it quicker and easier to either install or replace. Another benefit of LED track light systems is that they offer a line of light that creates a powerful illumination in a limited space. Additionally, LED track light systems provides strong directional light with the lowest energy costs that can last upto 100,000 hours. This means you will rarely be required to replace LED bulbs in the fixtures that can at times be installed in areas that are difficult to access.
LED track lights comes in different shapes and styles. These lighting systems are perfectly designed to fit in different home settings.

led linear tracklights

For instance, if the ceiling cannot properly fit recessed lighting mainly because of the beams, LED track lighting kits allows the positioning of the fixtures closer to the ceiling and typically this ensures that the sightlines are clear. LED track lights have been found to be perfect for directing illumination to objects and art as well as to light specific areas of a bigger hall. Furthermore, if you are always changing the position of your accessories and furnishings, LED track lighting has been found to provide added versatility to adjust the lighting much better than fixed fixtures.
Over the past 2 decades, track lighting has without doubt come a very long way. As the name suggests, track lighting comes from the fact that the light is placed on the track that can be attached to the wall or ceiling of the house. The usage of LED track lights is the most recent Innovation in track lighting. Besides being quite efficient, LED track lights are the best choice for many people because they are also cost effective. With the installation of efficient LED track lights, you can bathe all shadowy areas of your home in a cool or warm white light having the same effect as the sunrays. From your workspace to the kitchen, LED track lights can perfectly brighten any space with little expenditure and minimum effort.
Furthermore, LED track lights offer a highly energy efficient option to the conventional lights because they save upto 80% energy. Yet, these lights generate very powerful and intense lighting, which makes all your spaces appear more brighter than they would in sunlight or traditional lighting. Despite all the brightness and intensity, LED track lights have been found to be cooler than other traditional options available, good news is that they also produce less heat.