Waterproof LED tube with CE & RoHS certification

Linkable linear waterproof led tube
10w / 20w/ 30w
0.6m / 1.2m / 1.5m
High lummen 160lm/w


High Lumen linkable linear light T8 waterproof led light fixtures with ip65

Waterproof LED tube with CE & RoHS certification


Waterproof LED tube with CE & RoHS certification

Waterproof LED tube with CE & RoHS certification

1. Environmental protection
Traditional fluorescent lamps contains a lot of mercury vapor, it will volatilize if broken into the environment. LED tube light, but then do not use mercury, and lead, play a protective effect on the environment. LED lighting is recognized as the green light of twenty-first century.

2. Low heat output and long life span
We use the high grade aluminum material, to increase heat dissipation area, long life, up to 36,000 hours.

3. Quiet and comfortable, no noise
LED tube light does not produce noise, it is a good choice for the place which use sophisticated electronic equipment. It is fit for libraries, offices and the like occasions.

4. Soft light, no flicker
Traditional fluorescent lamp using AC, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED light can directly convert AC to DC, will not produce flicker, so it help protecting your eyes.

5. No UV and IR, good for health

6. Wide voltage input, suitable for users worldwide.
Traditional fluorescent lamp is lightened through high voltage released by the rectifier. When the voltage is lowered, you can not light up. The LED lights in a certain range (90V-260V) can be lit within the voltage, also maintain its brightness.

7. Very low energy consumption, save money for users.
Compared with conventional lamps, LED tube light can save 60% energy, life expectancy is 10 times of it. It can be long-term used without change, to reduce labor costs.

8. Solid reliable, very safe
Our lamp with unique design, not only beautiful, but also very firm. Light body will not shake, is safe and not easily damaged.

9. Universal end cap, directly replace fluorescent lamp





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