LED Track Lighting for commercial and residential uses

LED Track Spot Lighting
Power:20w / 25w / 30w
Beam angle:15°, 24°, 38°, 60°
Dimensions(L*W*H):8.6* 8.6*25.2
High-end spotlight with interior driver.
Integrated molded lamp housing of aluminum, use international top COB CITIZEN/BRIDGELUX/LUMINUS/CREE chip.



LED Track Lighting

LED Track Lighting for commercial and residential uses

Track lighting provides highly customizable and adaptable lighting solutions to suit a variety of commercial and residential uses. It suits a wide range of residential applications, from a kitchen or bedroom to a basement, laundry room or garage.

A small solution can even be used in a closet. Popular placements for commercial track lighting include a museum, office, gym, restaurant or retail store. Our designer track lighting can deliver a bespoke mix of ambient, directional task and accent lighting. With our expertise, we can advise you on where to place and where to use track lighting.

Track can be arranged in any configuration or size you need, whether you require linear runs, T shaped, U shaped, I shaped, S shaped, squares, circular or rectangular. It can be fitted on beams, on an angled or sloped ceiling where pendants may not be suitable, or on a vaulted ceiling to bring the light level down. Our track systems utilise energy efficient LEDs, which offer cost benefits over traditional halogen lights or CFL.

They are easier to maintain as they require replacement bulbs less frequently, and LEDs do not have disadvantages such as problems with buzzing or flickering that can be familiar from old style fluorescent lighting. We can advise you on how many lights are needed and how to position them. Whilst track is fixed, track lights are adjustable, so the scheme will be flexible and can be adapted as needed.

If you have an existing track solution, we can advise you on alternatives to replace and update it. Our single circuit track is available in 1m, 2m and 3m sizes, with 4 wire track available upon request. Track can also be cut to your required length. These options can be combined to meet all specifications, however long or large the track required, meaning there is no set maximum length.

We realise that customers may not be familiar with the specs and types of track lighting, but once we have your measurements, we can advise on a custom, bespoke and stylish solution, unique to your requirements. Track lighting can work with diverse interior styles, from modern track lighting to rustic, industrial track lighting to elegant, farmhouse or contemporary high end apartment.


  • Highest CRI 97, Low SDCM<3
  • High efficiency, high illuminance
  • Glare-free design, perfect light spot and accurate beam angle, make surroundings
    of comfortable illumination
  • Flicker free driver for superior surrounding lighting requirement
  • Integrated molded light housing with convective holes for better heat dissipation,
    interior driver, low-temperature operation guaranteed
  • Rotatable horizontal 355° and vertical 90°

Technical Parameter
LED Track Lighting for commercial and residential uses

Test Data(20w 4000K for reference)

LED Track Lighting for commercial and residential uses

Temperature Test Data

LED Track Lighting for commercial and residential uses


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